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You know that feeling when you decide it is time to update your kitchen, but you really don’t have an idea of the look you want?  Well, I do.  With all of the ideas, styles, colors and cabinetry choices to choose from for your kitchen update; it can be difficult to decide what design ideas fit your style.   Do I like a transitional style, flat panel shaker door with simple details, a traditional style, raised panel door with detailed finishes, or a contemporary style with very sleek edges and minimal details?  Do I want to use a paint or stain, different textures and colors throughout the kitchen, and what color?  

Keeping the details simple has been a trend.  Bath and Kitchen Creations, Inc. has been designing a lot of  kitchens with a transitional, shaker door and / or a contemporary slab door.  Both styles reflect a clean, simple look with minimal details.  We do, however have many clients that come in and love the traditional look.  They want to add fewer details to the overall look to give it a simpler finish, but keep the traditional style door.

In many of the spaces we have designed, the kitchen area has been opened up allowing for more cabinetry in the design, possibly an island and bar area.   Also, when the space is opened up the kitchen becomes the focal point.   With that, your cabinetry is viewed by everyone, and often.  The kitchen is the new space for entertaining, food preparation and just hanging out.   Choosing colors and finishes that complement each other becomes a very important detail.  Again, Bath and Kitchen Creations sees the trend in color as white paints, natural stains in a gray or espresso color or a combination of both.  The combination of color creates a stunning contrast.  

Contemporary Kitchen: High gloss white and carob ash in perimeter; American apple and carob ash on Island.

Contemporary Kitchen: High gloss white and carob ash in perimeter; American apple and carob ash on Island.

Kitchen has maple cabinetry; perimeter cabinetry  painted in "frost white", Island cabinetry stained in "buffalo".

Traditional Kitchen:  Maple cabinetry; perimeter cabinetry painted in “frost white”, Island cabinetry stained in “buffalo”.

As you begin the design process with Bath and Kitchen Creations, Inc., your space will start to become the  perfect kitchen in the style of your dreams.   

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A Functional Kitchen

Today’s Kitchen:


A great kitchen is a space that is easy to be in.  It isn’t necessarily large, but it is definitely well organized to be a functional kitchen.  It is practical with everything within reach to allow for preparing, cooking and even entertaining.  From storage to functionality it is user friendly and inviting.

Transitional, Traditional or Contemporary,  your kitchen is the room that Bath and Kitchen Creations can help you design giving you an updated functional kitchen perfect for your cooking and entertaining needs.

Islands that create a prep area, sitting counter or separate your kitchen from the family room continue to be very popular.  These are being designed with a different color or wood species than the perimeter of the kitchen. This gives the island a different feel than the rest of the kitchen and also becomes more “furniture-like”.  Your island can have cabinetry for added storage, a sink area, microwave drawer, and extended countertop for seating.  

Coffee Bars are a great addition to your kitchen or buffet area.  It is a functional space for entertaining and can also be found in a master bedroom kitchenette space.  

Opening up a single wall to create more space or better light in your kitchen can go a long way, it can generate an open brighter area that will give the kitchen the feel of a larger space.  You may also be able to add to your storage with some additional base cabinetry. 

Our kitchen designers have the expertise to take your wants and needs and help you create the kitchen of your dreams.   Bath and Kitchen Creations can help you prioritize what appliances meet your cooking needs, which drawer and cabinet spaces work well with the items in your kitchen that you use often, and how to gain the best use of your space. 

Come visit our showroom and let us assist you with your kitchen design.



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Kitchen Remodeling for Resale in Delray Beach, Florida

When buying a home in the South Florida area often times a client will consider many things before making the purchase. Some very important questions are, “What renovations will I need to do to update the look of the purchase?”, “What will the cost of that update be?”, “What will the return on investment be if changes are made?” and, “Where do I begin?”.

The most important room to consider, especially if you intend to resell the house, is the kitchen. A kitchen is the first room that an interested home buyer will look at. The kitchen has become an area of the home that everyone gravitates to. If you have a large area that opens up to a family room, great room or dining room you have the perfect area for entertaining guests or just hanging out with your family. This desired design is functional as well as beautiful and adds value to a home on the market.

Let’s consider that your new home purchase is going to need a total kitchen update. If the design that you desire is to create the open space as stated above, you will have to consider many construction options; removing walls, moving some plumbing and electricity and making some changes to the ceiling. At Bath and Kitchen creations, we have the familiarity with this type of transformation and many design ideas to assist them. This design is often the remodel of choice as it raises the resale value of the home. Most new home buyers are making purchases based on being able to create this look, or are actually finding an existing home with a kitchen that has an open, spacious, yet functional kitchen area that allows for a flow of guests, sufficient prep areas, and the ability to entertain while working in the kitchen. 

To prepare yourself with a construction or remodel “things to do” list, I am going to take you through a home remodel that we just finished in Delray Beach. This home followed this re-design theme. The client wanted to make changes so that they could list the house, but wanted to make sure the cost associated would not be more than they budgeted for to get a favorable return on their investment. The client also knew that in this market they may need to live in this home for a while so design needed to be functional for them as well. The client met with us at Bath and Kitchen Creation’s showroom and gave us their ideas. Then we went out to the home and walked through each room giving the client suggestions based on the space available, existing construction, and cost. When considering all of these changes, the client decided that it was in their best interest to remodel.   

As you entered the home there were many small entrances into the living room, dining room and kitchen. The floors were dated and not consistent throughout these rooms. The plumbing and electrical needed to be moved; switches and fixtures changed out, sinks and faucets replaced. The ceilings were high, but the existing cabinetry was at a very low height. This low height didn’t compliment the room; it actually gave the room a smaller feel. There was a beautiful back yard, but a very small window to view this area from the kitchen. The kitchen was spacious so we were able to get creative with design. 

“Things to do” list:

  1. Demo existing kitchen and widen the entrances to open up the area
  2. Remove walls to create an open, spacious family room, living room and kitchen area
  3. Replace the kitchen window with a larger window, that area will be reframed for the new size
  4. Change existing ceramic tile to a 5” wide, hand scraped, engineered wood
  5. Rough electrical to prep for install/ Update electrical; add some electrical switches, pendent lights, ceiling fan, high hats and outlets for new appliances
  6. Rough plumbing to prep for install/ Updated plumbing: new faucets, sinks, water system, and addition vegetable sink at island-no island exists in the kitchen at this time
  7. Concrete cutting to create plumbing at the new island area
  8. Bead board added at ceiling and walls to keep the style of the home, new base board and door frames
  9. New kitchen design to include custom cabinetry at a 42” height and a transitional shaker door style

Most of the items on our “things to do” list need to be done in most home remodels with the exception of the demo of the walls, the concrete cutting, and bead board installation, so the cost would be part of most kitchen remodel proposals. When walls are removed it can add to the cost of the job, but in this case it was necessary. The concrete cutting is more costly and on this job we could have created a working island that did not include a sink. The addition of bead board was to keep the style of the home and we thought for a home in this area of Delray Beach, it was definitely a selling point. The cabinetry was priced in all wood with full-extension, soft close drawers. The shaker style painted was a comfortable price point and had a more transitional style. As you go through your list you will decide on your budget and what items are necessary for your project.

Remember, as you “cook” up plans to design the kitchen of your dreams remember to hire someone that has experience in remodeling, design and project management. Bath and Kitchen Creations is an experienced and reputable company that is licensed and insured. We know how to manage your kitchen construction as well has a guide you through the design process. Many times as construction spirals from beginning to finishing point, challenges may come up and a skilled company can easily work through these so that the job flows.  The result is a beautiful updated design that anyone will enjoy.  

If you are interested in a kitchen remodeling, contact Bath and Kitchen Creations with your project!

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Creative Kitchen Remodeling in Highland Beach, Florida

Many clients are keeping their homes up North to live in during the mid-spring to early fall months and are coming to South Florida and purchasing a condo on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Many of these condos are built with fire sprinklers, plumbing pipes and air conditioning ducts that are intended for high rise building construction.  If they are not new construction, often times they are enclosed with walls and small spaces.  These spaces are usually dark and do not allow the owner to take advantage of the beautiful view.  They need to open up this space, create natural lighting and combine rooms.  It takes a very creative eye and also someone that is knowledgeable in construction to be able to design with these restrictions.  At Bath and Kitchen Creations we do many condominiums with many construction/remodeling limitations. Let me help you understand these limitations by reviewing the remodeling of a particular condominium in Highland Beach, Florida.  So the demo begins.

Bearing and Non Bearing Walls

In this condominium building the existing kitchen is the room that we will maintain, but because of the plumbing, electrical and air conditioning ducts in this area this remodel is also very unique. This room was enclosed with walls and had one small opening to enter no view of the ocean; in fact the kitchen had no windows. Non bearing walls can be moved and in this remodel we were able to remove an entire wall.  This gave the home owner a complete view of the ocean.  One area, a column had to remain.  Bath and Kitchen creations created a design using custom cabinetry to maximize the space around the column.  After we removed the walls of the adjoining living and dining rooms we open up the kitchen, allowing natural light to come in, an open area for entertaining guests and a gorgeous kitchen that is functional and larger than the original. This also creates a grand entertaining area for guests.  The guests can mingle and still visit while the host and hostess are preparing things in the kitchen.

Plumbing and Electrical

This new kitchen design includes an Island with storage, a desk area, pantry and oven taller, storage above the refrigerator, sink base and cooktop base, a lazy Susan and drawer banks for storage.  The home owner wanted a transitional/contemporary look.  To create this look he decided to add some contemporary details. This Island happens to be floating with a stainless steel base to give it a more contemporary look.  Storage cabinets and the stainless steel base are at a custom height.  There are electrical outlets at the Island, but no plumbing. The construction/remodeling limitation here is that in most condominium units the plumbing is in walls and can’t be moved. In most homes we are able to move the plumbing by doing some concrete cutting.  In this condo the cabinets and appliances that require plumbing need to be considered first when designing.  The design that was finalized was functional, allowed for flow of traffic and had an updated look with all of the details the home owner requested.

Ceiling and Floor

When this particular condominium was built the ceilings were finished with the “popcorn” surface. The ceiling height was at one level and without definition.  The floors were dated and needed to be demoed and re-installed.  As you already know, the remodeling/construction limitation here is that is this ceiling has the air conditioning ducts and the plumbing pipes running through the ceiling.  The home owner wanted to remove the “popcorn” and slick coat it. The designer at Bath and Kitchen Creations wanted to add definition to the ceiling by adding step ups and different ceiling heights. This helped to update the look of the condo and also added height to the ceiling in specific areas throughout our new open space.  As for the floor, the old floor was a tile that had to be removed by chipping it out. When the new floor was installed it had to be sound proofed with a cork board material or a special blue fiber paper.  This was done to control the sound of movement for the neighbor below. With these details, the look of this condo was not only updated, but also open and airy.

Remodeling/construction limitations do not always have to create a problem for the new home owner.  Many times these obstacles can be overcome and the finished design can become your dream.

Bath and Kitchen Creations has been designing for many years with a solution to almost every construction situation.  So let the designing begin!

For more information on kitchen remodeling or design ideas, contact Bath & Kitchen Creations today!

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Today’s Kitchen Remodeling in Delray Beach

contemporary kitchen

Today’s kitchen remodeling has taken on a new role.  Depending on your family dynamics, the kitchen is becoming a gathering place and a focal point in any home.  The design of your kitchen, the cabinetry, flooring, countertops and even hardware is now showcasing this space.  When you were younger, you probably remember your mom entertaining and closing her guests off to the kitchen and her work area.  Now as trends move forward, the kitchen is more important than any other room. Guests are invited in and actually given the opportunity to “hang-out” in this room because in today’s world, the kitchen is becoming the home’s showpiece.

If you are remodeling or building a new home, the kitchen is the room that you need to pay the most attention to detail and use of space.  Today’s cabinetry, kitchen layout, and design details create a look that sets your newly remodeled kitchen apart from just any kitchen; it defines you.

kitchen remodeling

Cabinet doors can take on many looks; from a recessed panel shaker, raised panel, or slab door to a shutter panel or bead board style.  Cabinetry is available in beautiful exotic woods and high lacquer finishes creating a very contemporary kitchen.  To add to your kitchen design, cabinetry can be stained in a variety of colors and finishes to give you a transitional style or glazed or brush-stroke enhanced finish to give it a traditional style.  No matter the style, the cabinetry choice for your kitchen remodel is an important design detail that defines your unique style.

In contemporary kitchens, the design can incorporate different textures and door styles.  Bath and Kitchen Creations designs many contemporary kitchens using different finishes, colors and textures.  This creates a kitchen with your style and signature.  Ceilings can be made to give artistic heights using a step-up soffit.  Many times during a remodel, a ceiling has construction obstacles that get in the way, but also adds a design dynamic that creates a different, one-of-a-kind look.  Therefore, creating a newly remodeled kitchen and entertaining space that doesn’t resemble anyone else’s.

Bath & Kitchen Creations - Traditional Gallery

Older homes are being remodeled in many developments.  Bath and Kitchen Creations has been doing remodeling in the Palm Beach are for over 30 years.  We find these older homes to have that beautiful charm that shouldn’t be disrupted, but yet needs to be updated to create an open, functional space for the homeowner.  Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield beach and many of our local neighborhoods have historical communities with homes that need a face-lift.  Remodeling becomes a unique challenge in these homes to update the kitchen and keep the style in tact.  Often times, the space is sectioned off from room to room, instead of open and airy.  To create this warm open feel, walls will be removed as part of the remodel and kitchen design process to create a more updated floor plan.  A cabinet door style and finish will be more of a transitional or possibly a traditional style.  An island will be added in place of the wall to separate the den from the kitchen, adding more light to the room and open space for guests.  Often times the island is designed in a complimentary color that compliments the open living area and the perimeter of the kitchen cabinetry.  The island is now like a piece of furniture with stools and extended countertops to accommodate a pace for appetizers, sitting, and even an area for someone to lend a helping hand.

The remodel of today has so many more options than it used to creating updated rooms that have character, style and functionality.  

Contact Bath and Kitchen Creations today to get started with design ideas and let the remodeling begin.


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Boca Raton Bathroom Remodeling

In many of our Boca Raton bathroom remodels, our clients come to us with limited space that is often dark and lacking natural light. Several homes in the Palm Beach County/Boca Raton area were built when bathroom cabinetry was designed at a countertop height of 30″.  This dated bathroom style is an area that Bath and Kitchen Creations helps clients bring up-to-date.

Without changing the style and architecture of these homes, our remodeling solutions are favorable because we are able to create a stunning bathroom vanity with custom cabinetry, complimentary hardware, and plumbing/wall finishes that brighten and update the area. With floating cabinetry in high gloss, exotic woods or lacquer finishes, a vanity can have a uniqueness that adds interest, design and functionality to meet your needs. Whether it is a guest bathroom, powder room or master bathroom, the design of this space can bring positive attention to your home. Read More »

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Wood Flooring for Kitchens | Delray Beach Example

A popular choice in flooring if not ceramic tiles is an engineered wood floor.  It is a very rich look for any space.  We have been designing with wood floors in many of our South Florida kitchen and great room remodels.  From Delray Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, engineered wood is a popular, beautiful flooring option that allows you to incorporate gorgeous color with wood grains to create a dramatic look.  With a variety of wood species like Bamboo, Teak, Cherry, Maple, Pecan and Walnut you can complement your cabinetry and create a stunning finished design.

Example of Wood Floor in Delray Beach

In this Delray Beach home, the client chose a spectacular, Hand-scraped, Pecan wood grain flooring in an espresso color and a 6 1/2 inch width.  Adding the shaker style, white cabinets and a subtle back splash creates a look that is rich yet clean and sleek.

Engineered Wood Floor Installation

The process is very simple to install this type of floor.

  1. The first step is to remove the old floor.  The existing floor in this Delray Beach home is a ceramic tile.  The tile is chipped out and removed from the job site. To clean up the remaining tile and grout from the surface, the floor is then ground down to the subfloor.
  2. To make sure that the floor is level, before installing the floor, cement is floated to the subfloor to create an even surface. This surface dries and becomes ready to accept the wood planks.
  3. The floor is installed with an ultra-bond, eco-friendly adhesive.
  4. Once the floor is installed, heavy duty paper is placed on top. This allows for the traffic of the cabinet installers, electrician, plumber and tops fabricator to come in and do the finish work without disturbing the floor.
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