Residential Remodeling

Bath and Kitchen Creations has specialized knowledge, experience and resources to handle your specific kitchen and bathroom remodeling project.  This experience is important when doing a project in your home.  Projects that need various changes to walls, floors and other structures, require creative thinking, knowledge and teamwork to achieve the desired look.  Our designers will act as your guide, advisor and friend to manage your remodeling project.

Since 1981, Bath and Kitchen Creations, a full-service company, has been handling all aspects of bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, from framing to concrete cutting, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, cabinetry, countertops and finish. Bath and Kitchen Creations will organize each step it takes to complete your desired remodel.

Many times the home owner is restricted because of space or other obstacles. With the experience we bring to our clients, we are able to envision ideas and provide solutions to many of these obstacles, such as moving a wall to create more usable space and functionality, or relocating plumbing and electrical for new appliances and fixtures.  Helping a client envision a newer, cleaner updated look with the best use of space is something that Bath and Kitchen Creations takes pride in doing.    

Home Remodeling is a big effort, and with the help of Bath and Kitchen Creation’s attention to detail, we can complete your project from beginning to end. Your house will take on a distinctive, updated look that will showcase a new character for your long-term living or selling purposes.